Loomis, a virtual concierge service, is seeking experienced concierges to work making recommendations to guests using their platform.

Our goal is to help:
– Concierges (current and former) earn supplemental income just using their phone or PC.
– Hotel Guests receive the best concierge service at hotels that don’t have a concierge desk (important note:  Loomis does not operate in-hotel service desks nor does it seek to create accounts at hotels with an existing concierge.  It is an add-on amenity for smaller properties that are unable to offer in-person concierge services.)
Loomis is committed to providing Concierge Service the right way.
Furloughed and retired concierges are encouraged to apply, as is anyone who might be seeking extra income.
1. All Concierges will be anonymous, especially important if moonlighting; your name, property affiliation and any professional memberships will not be visible to guests using the platform.
2. We are NOT offering Loomis to hotels who currently have desk concierges
3. Each Concierge has the option (when setting up their profile) to NOT receive restaurant referral fees (a requirement for members of NYCAHC or Les Clefs d’Or)
4. In addition to base compensation, all concierges will receive Tips and Commissions
5. Our Concierge Mobile App / Web Portal makes it easy to provide information (e.g. ferry schedule, links to venues, itineraries…)
6. Each Concierge can decide when they want to work
7. We provide training and certification so that all our concierges provide top-notch, professional service
Here is a link to how one of our hotel clients is promoting our concierge service we call “Loomis”