Benefits of Lobby Concierges

Hotels that employ a member of the New York City Association of Hotel Concierges® (NYCAHC) know that a professional concierge provides more than just theater tickets and restaurant reservations. The professional lobby concierge serves as an ambassador for the hotel and a key point of contact for hotel guests. Through unbiased recommendations focused on the guest’s needs, a NYCAHC concierge ensures each guest receives the highest level of personalized service.

Increasingly, guests are becoming aware of out-sourced concierge desks whose staff may look like a hotel employee, but whose recommendations are driven by external financial incentives. Recommendations driven by commissions and incentives are not only a disservice to the guest, they are also considered entirely unethical for a professional concierge. Members of NYCAHC are bound by the NYCAHC’s Ethical & Professional Standards, which strictly forbid this behavior.

Hotels committed to providing excellent service recognize the value of return guests and see the professional concierge as an integral part of their overall revenue strategy. Advantages of a NYCAHC member concierge include the following:

  • a commitment to providing the highest level of personalized service to each and every guest, building relationships that increase repeat business and hotel loyalty;
  • excellent knowledge of the hotel, the surrounding neighborhood and the entirety of New York City;
  • high ethical standards, ensuring the best interests of the guest are always the determining factor;
  • a commitment to continued growth through the many professional development opportunities hosted by NYCAHC, allowing members to refine their service skills and serve as a model for other hotel employees; and
  • hotel guests looking for the best possible experience in New York City know that our members are trusted sources for ensuring a memorable visit, and hotels that employee NYCAHC members are clearly committed to providing excellent service to their guests.

Member Hotels

NYCAHC is comprised of nearly 200 concierge members representing over 24,000 hotel rooms in and around New York City. We invite you to spend your visit to the Big Apple at any one of the many properties serviced by a NYCAHC concierge: